Music has a couple "radio stations" using - these do their thing by seeking out tracks found on the internet and then magically beaming them to the player with the power of unicorns and rainbows - at least that's how I assume it works. I don't host the tracks, so I don't have much direct control over them. Quite often the titles are wrong. It's not the most reliable system in the world but it does have some advantages (such as no hosting, built-in redundancy, slick interface, and it's free). I'm looking into ways to create playlists with my own tracks, but this is a pretty cool solution for now.

I will try and maintain some kind of quality in the playlists, as well as add new tracks when I can. The first three players (Relacks, Rawk, and Raive - yes I am aware that I am a dork hehe) are programmed by me, while the fourth is hosted by Bittersweet Records. The Bittersweet player is updated wtih 10 new tracks almost everyday, so be sure to check it often!

Clicking on the title or picture will launch the player in a new window or tab, depending on your browser type and settings. The play order is random, you can skip to any track. The tracks are more or less in alphabetical order by artist. If one of the tracks is not working, corrupted, changed, etc., please feel free to let me know.


A chilled mix of trip-hop, ambient, acid jazz, lounge, and downtempo.

Examples: St. Germain, Boards of Canada, Air, Ken Nordine, Thievery Corporation, Ulrich Schnauss.


Indie, alternative, punk, and other counter-culture rock from the past and present.

Examples: Blonde Redhead, Lush, Pixies, Joy Division, Arcade Fire, Cibo Matto, Cocteau Twins, Gorillaz, Ladytron.


A blend of old and new house, trance, techno, drum & bass, tribal, and other forms of electronic and dance music.

Examples: John Digweed, The Orb, Juno Reactor, Sasha, Underworld, Deep Dish, Andain.

Bittersweet Records

Bittersweet Records is running a great web player that features ten new tracks almost every day. Bittersweet brings you a wide range of classic and modern rock, from the great songs of yesterday to today's hottest new acts.

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